Our investment process

As an independent investment management firm, Lodestar takes a different approach to asset management. 

It is rules-based investing that is risk-managed and that aims to deliver more stable returns than the market.

We have developed a rules-based portfolio construction system that comprises of three key parts that can be individually tailored and combined to suit a broad range of investment products.

Since inception we have honed this investment process to Replace Luck.

  • We select the appropriate target and how closely it needs to be followed
  • We pick a broad basket of shares to represent the target
  • We construct a portfolio using scientific principles

We've proudly launched two funds

A Global fund and Local fund – to market.

Our Global fund launched in 2017 and was followed by the South African Equity Fund in 2021. Both funds are available as CIS and as segregated mandates, upon request. Application forms for both CIS can be downloaded here.

Lodestar’s aim is to manage a suite of products. This ranges from core equity products that provide efficient exposure to risk premiums to low cost absolute return strategies that seek to deliver an asymmetric return profile. These products will be launched in due course.


We are technology-led and have the operational gearing to easily scale up local and global offerings. This keeps costs low and delivers exceptional value without any performance drag providing consistent risk premiums for our clients. Costs are also managed by avoiding unnecessary portfolio churn and monitoring execution and brokerage fees.